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KTM Number Plate Kits

Number Plate Proofs:  To keep orders shipping fast we do not email number plate proofs.  You can request them for $10.00 per proof expect 1-2 day delay if a proof is requested.

MX Company Sample Logos
Legalities:  We realize that in the sport of motocross everyone has sponsors. Most motocross companies have many sponsored riders through sites such and and require their sponsor riders to put their company logos on their equipment. By listing sponsors in the special instruction box you affirm that you have the rights to use that company logo.

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Built from our super high abrasion resistant 22 mil material. These number plates will out last our competition. This material does not shrink over time and has an extra hard surface. Our special super tack adhesive keeps them on and will not peel.  Just select your bike from above, fill in your name number and any special info and we do the rest.  Turn around time is generally 1-2 days.

RUF-STUFF Upgrade:  23mill Ruf-Stuf  for just an additional $7-00-$9.00. Side plates and airbox are ruf, front plate will be made with our original smooth gloss

Font style 1 is our standard font unless you specify a different font style number.

Replacement Front Plate or sides for your bike
Qty: Price: $23.95
sample #: background color: Name: number: bike and year:

5 oz RRD Application Fluid
Qty: Price: $3.95