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We are open for sponsorship opportunities for 2014.

Instead of a raising our prices then doing a discounted rider support program, we have decided to keep our rates low for everyone.  This way you are not bound to a contract and still get great support and prices.  Our regular rates are about the same as most other companies discounted rider support rates. 
*Also we do not charge set up fees. (Up to $50 savings from other companies )
*We don't charge for adding names. (Up to $5 savings from other companies )
*We don't charge for adding sponsor logos. (Up to $5 savings from other companies )
*We don't charge extra for our new designs and colors. (Up to $20savings from other companies )
*We ship in most cases same day.
*We are at many of the Ama Nationals and Supercross
*We use much higher quality materials.
*You decide, do you want to say your sponsored and get cheap materials or do want products that last!!!

We do have a few PRO and Top level amateur openings for the 2014 program. If your racing AMA Outdoor Nationals, Top Loretta Lynns finisher or AMA Supercross contact us about A and B Level support program.
Please send resume' with race results, photo (keep photos small) and your plans for the 2014 race season. 
Send to:
Rusk Racing Decals
33 Road 2553
Aztec, NM 87410
email to:

2014 Sponsored Riders:

Killy Rusk Aztec, New Mexico
Team Rockwell Firepolice

2011 Rusk Racing 33 RD 2553 Aztec, NM 87410 (970)759-0411
Established 2002

To Order by Phone Call (970) 759-0411
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